中委连天远和信一心同——海南中和药业抗疫药物抵达委内瑞拉_亚洲城电脑版 中委连天远和信一心同——海南中和药业抗疫药物抵达委内瑞拉_亚洲城电脑版


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    中委连天远 和信一心同 ——海南中和药业抗疫药物抵达委内瑞拉
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    Due to the spread of the unfortunate COVID-19 epidemic, the whole China has joint efforts to overcome this difficult time together. As the epidemic in China is gradually showing positive signs and the daily cases are decreasing, the global panorama on the other side is deteriorating each day, increasing the alarms and at the same time affecting the lives and hearts of many worldwide. Assisting other countries to fight this pandemic is the responsibility taken by China, who shows a tremendous commitment to its international obligations as a leading economy and power. Hainan Zhonghe Pharmaceutical along with other domestic pharmaceutical companies uphold the spirit of a community of common responsibility for all mankind and aligned to this thought, we, pharmaceutical companies have stepped forward as a key industry to support the whole world during this critical moment, to undertake Zhonghe’s social responsibility abroad.


    As a peptide manufacturer of immunomodulatory medicine using solid phase synthesis technology, Hainan Zhonghe Pharmaceutical has two main products: HEXIN® Thymopentin and HERI® Thymalfasin which effectively adjust and balance patients' immune system. Therefore both are widely accepted and used on first line by doctors during this epidemic prevention and treatment, and included in the list of the government's procurement of anti-epidemic drugs.


    On March 21st, in cooperation with China Meheco Group Co., Ltd, Hainan Zhonghe Pharmaceutical prepared a shipment of HEXIN® Thymopentin and HERI® Thymalfasin in a short period of time, which will be sent to Venezuela along with other anti-epidemic supplies.


    On March 26th, special plane carrying tons of medical supplies including medicines, with the love and hope of our motherland China and pharmaceutical companies, took off from Shanghai Pudong Airport.

    On March 28th, the plane arrived in Venezuela. The first batch of anti-epidemic supplies was safely delivered to the hands of the Venezuelans.


    On March 30th, the first batch of experts dispatched by the Chinese government to Latin America arrived in Venezuela, carrying with them the second batch of anti-epidemic supplies.


    Venezuelan Foreign Minister Areasa, Minister of Health Alvarado, Minister of Economy and Finance Serpa and Chinese Ambassador to Venezuela Li Baorong went to the airport to welcome the experts and supplies. Venezuelan President Maduro said in a televised speech and on his personal Twitter account that "this is real humanitarian assistance, I thank the Chinese government and people for their support to the people of Venezuela."


    Major medias such as Venezuela Southern Television, National Television, Communist News Office, Orinoco Post have also actively reported on this.


    The spring blooms and everything recovers. The haze of the epidemic will finally dissipate. Hainan Zhonghe Pharmaceutical and other Chinese pharmaceutical companies will stand together with Venezuela to overcome the difficulties and ultimately win this epidemic battle, contributing with wisdom and strength to build a community of common benefit to all mankind.

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